Gramotthan Vidyapeeth Management

President's Message

Gramotthan Vidyapeeth is one of the largest and the most prestigious educational institution of North India. It is situated in Rajasthan but also fulfills the educational needs of neighbouring States Haryana & Punjab.

Established in 1917 as a middle school by Chaudhary Bahadur Singh Bhobia and nurtured by reverend Swami Keshwanand Ji, The vidyapeeth has now grown into a huge educational institute consisting of 10 different institutions.

In the years to come. I expect these institutions to continue to play vital role in grooming young minds to useful human resources. We intend to prepare our students to face the ever increasing challenges of life and to develop in them a global perspective and analytical approach.

With warm regards to all the stake holders.

Abhay Singh Chautala

(President-GV, Sangaria)