Welcome to the School

After getting affiliated to the CBSE in the session 2005-06 the school has almost transformed into a school of modern times. The strength has gone up by almost four times, and infra-structure wise many new things too have got added to these existing ones.

If infrastructure is the body for a school, its soul consists of its students. I am proud of my students. They have made us pround not only by topping the district in CBSE examinations but also by getting selected in prestigious institutions.

I am also thankful to parents who are equally concerned and keep us motivated for providing quality teaching and learning. Teachers' role in a students' life is very crucial. A child's future gets shaped by the lessons given by his teachers, in his school days. I am extremely thankful to my teammates for their sincere support. The ministerial staff too is not leaving any stone unturned in providing the necessary facility.

Shah Krishan Murari